When it comes to new clients, referrals are often the best way to introduce new folks to your business. When existing clients refer their loved ones to you, you have the benefit of a stronger bond to that client. Both of you share the person who referred them and the trust you have of that person’s judgment.

Friend and family recommendations to your business can be far more influential than the accolades and awards of the New York Times. These referrals are built by giving great customer service and by creating relationship with the clients you have. Create memorable experiences for your clients as you serve them. It goes a long way to building your business.

The referrals that are generated by positive customer service is built up by the relational economy you have with your clients. And great relational economy can quickly extend beyond you to the world of your clients’ families and friends. When you create a good experience for your clients, they will immediately recall you to mind when their loved one needs a service that you provide. Statistics have shown that people who have a personal recommendation to a business are far more likely to engage with that business than if they find it through the phone book or listing.

Who are the clients in your business who love what you do? Which clients have you built a rapport with? Consider asking them to refer their friends and family to you! Continue to build upon the relational economy you have started with them by also helping their loved ones.