With every new beginning there is a risk of failure, but there is also the risk that your dreams will come true.

First, let’s clear up some confusion about this whole concept of failure, because it is False Evidence Appearing Real (aka FEAR). The truth is that the only way to fail is to quit before you are complete.

Edison “failed” a thousand times before he created a light bulb that worked. I could replace the word failed with persisted, which would be much closer to the truth. My point is that he learned from his mistakes…all 999 of them, he kept making corrections along the way, and he kept learning and growing until he was complete. He quite literally did not give up until he brought his light to the world.

You are here to make your dreams come true. I know it may feel like your dreams are silly and that there are much more important things that you have to do like make money, take care of your family, and fulfill all of the responsibilities that life has thrown at you. But I ask you this…are you fulfilled and happy?

Your happiness and fulfillment comes from shining your light in your own unique and beautiful way, and the best way to do that is by living your dream. So what is your dream? If you were abundantly wealthy in the areas of work, health, love, and purpose…what would your life look like? And how would the world be different if you were truly letting your light shine?

Seriously, stop what you are doing right now, grab a pen and some paper, and answer these questions for yourself. The first step in making your dreams come true, is in getting clear about what they are. Take a few minutes to awaken your heart’s desires and put them down on paper.

Today I encourage you to take a risk. Since you now know that you cannot fail, and you have gained some clarity on your vision for your life, what is the one step (action) that you can take towards making your dreams come true? Declare it below, and then go make it happen! Shine baby, shine…

by Keli Ackroyd