Hair is my passion!

Hair is my art!

I have been lucky to be able to make a living off of it.

Opening up a salon that can accommodate other stylist has been a life long dream.

As happy I was to fulfill one of my dreams of having my own salon, I felt that there was more to life—and that I had another calling.

I’m 48 years old and knew that before I left this earth, I wanted to have a degree.  One of my bucket list items was to get into school. I enrolled in 2011. It took me until last year to decide what my major would be. I changed my degree plan twice!

I’ve always been interested or passionate about social justice and diversity issues. That’s what led me to realize I wanted to get into social work.

Hair and social work are very much opposite ended but both are service based. Both professions help and serve others.

I struggled with the fact that I felt social work was a calling but I also felt that hair was a calling too, and I was so happy to be living my dreams.

I got my start in the organic hair industry by promoting my own brand before I had an actual brick and mortar. (Been in the business since 1988, began branding in 2006)

The hair industry is such a saturated market; I found a niche—to go organic.  In doing so it started directing what kind of clientele I was attracting. I only use and sell products that are professional, certified organic, vegan, paraben free, and PETA friendly.

Some of my clients have extreme skin sensitivities, have Lupus, are cancer survivors or are just looking for an alternative to traditional hair care.  I had to open my own nontoxic salon.

I can be right next to a regular salon but not in competition with them.

I saw that by owning the salon, I leveraged myself to always have myself in the business regardless of whether I am standing behind the chair or not. I also have the opportunity to help other stylists to find a niche within this up and coming sector—organic salons.

What started out as a bucket list item became quite a career path.  I’ll probably always have two careers.

I’ll always be in the hair business but I look forward to serving a whole new set of clients by doing social work.

Additional items on my bucket list:

  • Getting my doctorate – I want to be the first Dr. Lockwood in my family!
  • Travel to Europe
  • Take my kids to Ireland, where my family still has a working castle
  • Own a vacation cabin in the mountains
  • Have a fully functional, solar operated home.

By: Gail Lockwood, Owner & Master Stylist at Urban Organic Hair Designs