How many of you remember this show?

Sometimes you DO want to go where everybody knows your name! There is power in being known, whether it’s going to your favorite restaurant in town or to one of the local retail stores you frequent. There is a privileged status that can come from being a “regular” customer.

Regular customers have earned the right of being being favored by the staff who work there because they have gone through the process of being known. As you become known, you begin to develop trust and loyalty. Even if a different restaurant opens up and offers you coupons that comp half of your meal, you are less likely to be swayed because of your loyalty to “your” local restaurant.

What creates this kind of client loyalty? Relational economy. People are hardwired for connection, and nothing builds relationship faster than the sense of being known and loved.

Some businesses understand this relational economy innately and are supremely good with people. They know how to make their clients feel special, to give them a little “extra” here and there. But for those of who are just starting, consider the following questions for yourself and your business:

  • What kind of special efforts can you make for the regular customers that come to your business?
  • What are some little “extras” that you can throw in the next time they’re there?
  • What kind of questions can you ask to get to know them as people, not just as clients?

We know that these are just a few ideas to start with. What are some ways you care for your loyal clients? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!