A few weeks ago, we talked about the power of referrals. Today we want to talk about the power of “loose ties” when it comes to client referrals. That is, the idea that you never know where your next potential client is going to come from.

Because we are such relational creatures, the way we relate to people can often open doors in ways that are hard to anticipate or imagine. Every client that walks in the door has a handful of connections in your area. If every client referred you to one person, your client list would easily double from the people who came to your door.

One of the ways to maximize upon the power of the loose tie is to focus on the relational part of the client bond. What are the aspects of your client’s life that few people ask or talk about? Where do they go for community? Where do they go to hang out? Take an interest in your client’s lives. It’s a powerful moment when you are able to connect with another person, no matter what the context might be.

We’d love to hear your stories about the moments you built your relational economy within your business. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!