It’s difficult to juggle it all.

Working with clients, serving your neighborhood, building and maintaining your business’ presence online to attract new clients.

It’s almost too easy to slip up, to overlook one thing in favor of another.

But with our fast-paced online world it’s important to tap into the power of your online presence while still serving your local neighborhood with your business.

So how do you maintain both?

Luckily, they go hand-in-hand and it’s easier than ever to integrate the two without overlooking one.

Here are a few suggestions to serve your neighborhood while leveraging your online presence:

Build an Online Hub

One thing that many small business owners do wrong is that they get lost in all of the new social media channels that are cropping up seemingly every day.

It’s overwhelming to keep up with them all, but even more, it’s impossible to do a good job with any of them if you’re trying to spread your attention too thin.

Maximize the time you do have to build your online presence by building a hub for your clients.

Find one great social media channel or build a hub on your website to engage your clients, get them talking about your services online, and increase the impact of your online activities.

Master it and spend your energy growing that one hub and it will work harder for you.

Get the Neighborhood Involved

One of the best ways to juggle both of these crucial cornerstones of your business is to get your clients and neighborhood involved online.

Almost everybody is online now, so you can use your online presence as a way to reach the members of your neighborhood and make your reach expand even further.

There are many different ways you can do this. For instance, you could:

  • Have a client corner on your website or social media profile to engage the clients you work with in person. Share their stories, before and after photos, and testimonials
  • Use your website or online presence to demonstrate how your business makes the neighborhood better; how it serves the neighborhood in a unique way
  • Highlight your neighborhood on your website or social media accounts to drive traffic to the neighborhood and therefore to your business. Help people outside of your neighborhood understand more about it, to compel them to visit.

Collaborate with Other Local Service Providers

Work with other service providers in your neighborhood that compliment your services to provide discounts or special packages.

For instance, if you’re a massage therapist, work with the yoga studio for a wellness day and offer it to members of the neighborhood online.

Using your online presence, you would be able to bring awareness to these partnerships, work with neighborhood brands and serve your neighborhood more effectively.

Use Your Online Presence as a Way to Communicate with Your Clients

Your online presence can be a great compliment to your small neighborhood business.

Even though you perform services for your clients in person, chances are the clients in your neighborhood spend more time online than they do with you in your shop, studio, or salon.

That makes your online channels a great way to communicate with your clients and members of your community and get them thinking about your business.

Whether you’re engaging with them online to do research to improve your business, encourage them to book an appointment through Schedulicity or communicating with your community about events that you’re holding or special offers, there’s no doubt that your website and social media is the easiest way to communicate with them.

Set Aside Some Time Each Day to Foster Your Online Community

Your online community can be just as important as your physical community for driving new business, engaging with your clients and potential clients and establishing yourself as an authority and expert.

So even though you spend a lot of time with your clients offline, it’s important to set aside some time each day to foster your online community.

To ensure that you’re spending the time on your online presence that it deserves, build a habit around it. Whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, each day at the same time make a date with your computer.

Spend some time building your online presence by posting content.

Schedule status updates and Tweets to encourage engagement on your social media channels. Some free programs to use are BufferApp, which allows you to schedule posts on all of your social media networks, Future Tweets, a super simple tweet scheduler, and GrabInBox, a basic option for anyone looking to schedule tweets across a handful of platforms.

Interact with current, past, and potential clients a little bit each day.

Allocating a small amount of time each day will help you be consistent online and effectively use your time.

It’s important to maintain a solid online presence these days, but your service-based business relies on in-person, local interactions. You want to serve your neighborhood and manage your online presence at the same time.

These tips should help you do just that.