Some days, it feels as if you’re being eaten alive by your email inbox.
Between client inquiries, vendor communications and scheduling requests, you’re constantly receiving new email notifications that do a great job at distracting you from what you really need to be focusing on.

This is the unfortunate reality of being a business owner, and while you will always need to deal with your email, there are a few ways to manage your inbox without wasting precious time.

1. Automate As Much as Possible

When you’re trying to juggle email, phone calls, paperwork and client work, it sometimes feels as if you’re on a treadmill and you’re constantly repeating the same actions.

One way you can battle this is through automation.

  • If you find that your email is being cluttered with requests to book appointments, automate an email response that asks the client to kindly schedule an appointment through Schedulicity.
  • If you find you get a lot of questions about your services, created an automated response listing your services and prices to free up your time to spend on more important things.

Automating can be scary at first, because there are always going to be those few unusual circumstances where the person doesn’t get the information they need through your automated response. However, automating as much as possible and dealing with those people one-on-one will be far more efficient than dealing with everyone one-on-one.

2. Make the Information Available

If you’re constantly getting emails with requests for information about your services, your pricing, discounts, or location, there’s probably a good reason:

You’re not making the information available on your website.

Most clients or potential clients would prefer to have their questions answered instantly by going to one central resource.  They don’t want to have to email you and wait until you respond.

So keep track of every question you get via email. Is the information the person asking for on your website? If not, can you add it?

You’ll find once you ensure that everything is on your website that you have far fewer emails – and maybe more bookings, too.

You still may find a few emails slip through the cracks, but if the information is on your website, you don’t have to spend your time typing out a response – you can redirect the inquiry to the right webpage.

3. Don’t Give In to the Email Vortex

Email is one of the most distracting things we have to deal with today. And it’s not only distracting, it’s anxiety inducing!

That’s because email is actually other people’s demands on your time. It’s reactionary rather than proactive, and while you can’t completely ignore your inbox, you can cut down on the distraction it provides.

Instead of setting your environment up in such a way that you’re always reacting to every “ping!” that rings from your phone when you receive a new email, set yourself up for success.

Turn off email notifications on your phone. Close out of your email app on your computer so that it’s not there waiting for you when you log on.

Then, only check your email once or twice a day. Batch your emails by scheduling a bit of time at the beginning or end of each day to focus solely on responding.

This will calm the email anxiety we all get and allow you to focus on more important things.

4. Your Inbox is Not the Enemy

If you handle your email in a proactive, focused way by cutting down on the amount of email you get, automating your responses, and batching the time you spend in your inbox, you can quickly get a handle on this email thing.

And running your business without email stress becomes a reality rather than a distant dream.