You’ve worked hard to brand your business.

You are true to your customer service standards and do your best to build solid relationships with your clients.

You thought long and hard about your business name and invested in a great logo.

So it makes sense to continue to brand your business and share that brand with your community by investing in printed marketing materials.

These five materials will help you communicate your brand to your clients and potential clients and make your business look polished and professional.

  1. Business Cards

When I started my business, I didn’t immediately order business cards.

A couple weeks after I’d launched, I was chatting with a potential client who had asked for my contact information and I realized that I’d made a mistake by not ordering business cards earlier.

I gave the potential client my email address and website, but I suspect that if I’d had a business card with my branding and business name on it, as well as my other contact information, I would have increased my chances of doing business with the potential client.

You never know when you’re going to meet somebody who might have a need for your services, so order business cards right away for your business.

  1. Service and Pricing Pamphlets

When you go into your hair stylist’s salon, or you visit the spa, what is one of the first things you look for?

It’s probably the service menu.

You likely want to know what the business offers. Whether they have packages with discounts, whether they offer that service you’ve been looking for and how much it costs.

Because your clients are looking for this information as soon as they make contact with your business, it’s important to have these materials printed.

To keep that client and ensure that you’re the one who is at the forefront of their minds when they need to get a haircut or a massage, find a printer to do a menu-style brochure so they can take it home.

  1. Promotional and Branded Posters

You don’t need many of these, but promotional and branded posters can really help you establish a cohesive brand and communicate a message to your clients.

For instance, if you have a discount on a package or your services, or a special promotion for a period of time, having a branded poster printed communicating the sale and displaying it somewhere prominent can make a huge difference in how many people take advantage.

  1. Envelopes and Stationery

While it’s fine to use plain envelopes and stationery when you’re first starting out to save a bit of money, having branded materials can take you to the next level.

Not only do branded envelopes and stationery make you look more professional and communicate that you’re serious about your business, but they also ingrain your brand into the memories of your clients.

When you get an invoice in the mail and it’s in a plain envelope, and inside is a letter on plain white paper without any branding on it, it’s a bit difficult to recall the name of the business that sent it.

Sure, you know what the invoice was for – if it’s for teeth whitening, you know that’s the bill you have to pay – but recalling the business name and brand is more difficult.

If you receive the same invoice but this time, it comes in a branded envelope with the companies name and logo at the top of the letter, you’ll remember the company far better.

  1. Fun Promotional Giveaway Materials

People love free stuff.

In fact, in the book Predictably Irrational, the author Dan Ariely describes a study that he did where researchers offered passersby a choice between:

  1. Buying a Hershey’s Kisses chocolate for a penny or
  2. Buying a Lindt chocolate truffle for 15 cents.

When this was the decision, most of the participants purchased the Lindt truffle, recognizing the value of the truffle compared to the Kiss.

Then, the researchers reduced the price by a penny each: the Kiss was free, and the Lindt truffle was 14 cents.

Because the Kiss was free, the choices shifted, and the majority of people chose the Kiss rather than the truffle, even though the value was still the same.

You can use this in your business by offering free items such as branded pens, stickers, and other promotional materials.

This will delight your clients and doubles as great free advertising for you if the clients use the free materials publically.

These materials can be printed by choosing an online company like Vistaprint, or you could find the perfect printer in your community by using a Google search.

No matter where you get them, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have these materials in place.